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Our objective at ARC Protection, with our K-9 security guard services is to make sure that our clients not only feel that they are safe and secure, but that they are in fact actually safe and secure. It is the duty of all of our employees to ensure that our client’s specific needs are met and we will work day and night to make sure that we deliver the best service possible, a level of service that you wouldn’t be able to find from any other security firm.

You would be able to find our employees in every level of the government, operating with VIP clients, private sectors, corporate sectors, and potentially with one of your neighbors. We offer an incredibly well-rounded array of K-9 security guard services that absolutely anyone can use to their advantage. It’s our company’s mission to ensure that we not only meet industry standards, but that we go above and beyond what is expected of your average security firm. With our extensive network of contacts, our team of professional security personnel and investigators, and job performance skills that you have never seen before, we are the best choice.

  • Rigorously trained & fully insured K9 detection division
  • K9 units for emergency alarm response for manufacturing plants, construction sites, or corporate compounds.
  • We offer mobile security patrols at anytime you need it, day or night.
  • GPS software allows you to keep track of your security personnel & their activity
  • Internet based software that gives you real-time security updates via email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Take control of your security with time stamped images, live audio files, and live location monitoring.
  • Our professionals come from backgrounds in the military, policing, and the security industry working at the highest levels.
  • We have quickly become one of the most popular security firms in all of Western Canada.
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Find out about opportunities to join one of the fastest growing team of security professionals across Western Canada! Are you looking for a new career in K-9 security guard services or you’re a experienced security professional, ARC Protection has a place for you.


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GPS Software and Client Accessibility

Our GPS software as it allows you to keep track of where your K-9 security guard services personnel are and their activity to ensure your safety. It is a web-based program that gives our clients real-time security updates via email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some of the services included with the GPS software include time stamped images, live audio files, and live location monitoring. With the use of this advanced technology, we can secure situations before incidents happen. You’ll have complete access to the secure server and be able to see the security personnel on your property, the location of each guard, and have direct communication to your security team.

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