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When it comes to security services, many often believe all firms are equal to or as good as the next.

ARC Protection Corp. is unsurpassed in meeting and exceeding security guard and K9 detection services. Our objective is to make sure our clients not only feel safe and secure, but they are in fact safe and secure.
Our employees are well-trained and fully understand their responsibilities to our clients, the unique needs of our clients, and how to handle unpredictable situations which may arise during the protection of client’s property.



ARC uses a web-based software program designed for advanced management, regulated operations, and concentrated data into its integrated systems. This software allows our clients to view security updates in real-time via their cellular or computer 24/7. The top key functions in addition to the Premium Reporting Software are real-time images, live audio files, and live location monitoring.

With the use of this advanced technology, we can secure properties before incidents happen. Our Clients have complete access to the secure server and are able to virtually see the position of security personnel on their property and have direct communication with the security team.


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