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How much experience do your security personnel have?

Our guards have a minimum of two years working within the security industry and some also come from various backgrounds such as military, law enforcement, fire fighting and paramedical. All of our guards have undergone rigorous technical and site-specific training ensuring they meet the required ARC employee standards prior to being assigned to a job site.

What training have the guards and K9 Handlers completed?

All ARC Protection Corp. security guards and K9 Handlers are required to undergo  40 hours of Basic Security Training course mandated by the Ministry of Justice and Security Branch, Security Programs Division. Additional training is provided to our employees based on their specialization and the distinct client needs. Some examples of the areas the training covers include:

  • Powers to arrest (security guard roles and responsibilities)
  • Public Relations (how to deal with the community and the customer)
  • Observation & Documentation (appropriate techniques in report writing)
  • Communication and its significance (who, what, where, when, why)
  • Liability & Legal Aspects (roles of the guard)
  • Two-Way radio communication
  • Bomb Threat (procedures and documentation)
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction & Terrorism Awareness

What happens if your employees get injured or if something happens to my property?

We understand accidents happen, and ARC trains its personnel to be prepared to handle unpredictable situations. We have general liability insurance with a minimum of $5,000,000; in addition, all personnel are covered by Workers Compensation.

Is your company licensed and bonded?

Yes, ARC Protection Corp. is licensed and bonded, fulfilling the provincial and federal requirements.

What services do you provide?

We at ARC take pride in our security services and ensure we fulfill our duties to our clients with integrity, expertise, and responsibility. We offer the following services:

  • Security guards
  • K9 Patrol and Detection (Explosives and Narcotics)
  • Bike and Mobile Patrol
  • Special event management
  • Private Investigation
  • Executive protection
  • Security Consulting

How Many Security personnel do I need for my property?

In order for ARC to provide the most accurate quote for you, This question is best answered by having an ARC representative meet with you on-site, because it permits us to view the site location, determine risk and vulnerability areas, and to go over the unique needs required by the client.

What uniforms do you have available?

Our standard guard uniform is a two-tone grey and black shirt, black high-visibility vest, black cargo pants, black belt, and black footwear. Our standard K9 Handler uniform is an olive green shirt and cargo pant, and black boots, which looks similar to a military or law enforcement uniform.

All personnel uniforms have visible security and company patches on their shirts and jackets, as required by the province they are working in.

More formal uniforms are also available for concierge services or special events.

Do you have bilingual guards available?

Many of our employees are bilingual. We can typically provide a bilingual guard for your event or job location with two weeks advance notification.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept company cheque, cash, bank transfers, and credit cards as payment.

Do you charge taxes or any additional fees?

GST is added to the hourly or flat rate fees. Statutory Holiday rates are billed at two and a half times our regular contracted billing rate.

Is ARC Eco-friendly?

ARC ensures we do our best to be Eco-friendly. Our fleet of vehicles are Eco-friendly, requiring less gas, and on larger jobs our guards can be transported in one vehicle to minimize our ecological footprint.

In addition, client reporting is done electronically whenever possible to reduce paper use.

Can your security personnel use physical force on an individual?

Our guards will employ de-escalation tactics first to try and diffuse a potential violent confrontation. Many of our personnel have an Advanced Security Training (AST) certification which allows them to carry and use handcuffs or other restraining devices. If a person’s life is in jeopardy or someone will not leave a private property, a guard may use reasonable force to escort a person off the premises as a last resort.

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