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Bicycle Patrol Services

Bicycle Patrol Services Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary

Bicycle Patrol Services

Bicycle Security Patrol Teams can be a very effective deterrent against crime and nuisance behavior, and are particularly used when large areas have to be covered by security.

ARC’s Bicycle Patrol division has proven to be a great success as a community security initiative and crime prevention tool for many of our clients. There are several advantages to bicycle patrols over foot or vehicle patrols such as increased mobility, access, enhanced visibility, and enhanced stealth.

Our Bicycle Patrol guards find that an efficient response to emergency situations is much more effective on a bike. ARC has found the bicycle unit to be a cost effective alternative for some clients in comparison to a traditional vehicle patrol. In addition, it also promotes our firm’s commitment to a healthy and physically-fit security guard and the provision of Eco-friendly services.

Some locations where bike patrols can be efficiently and cost-effectively employed are:

  • Shopping Centers
  • Municipal City Core Area
  • University and College Campuses
  • Industrial and Residential Communities
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