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Arc Protection Corp

Premium Reporting Software

ARC currently offers licensed security guard services across BC and Alberta

ARC Protection Corp understands that in order to provide a professional service to our clients, we need to maintain and manage the fundamentals of defined hiring techniques, which ensure that security guards supporting our projects not only meet the standard for Security Guard licensing, but also maintain a professional standard at all times when representing ARC Protection Corp. In addition, ARC provides all of its employees with the necessary equipment, information, and support required to competently conduct their duties and to ensure the safety of our clients and their assets.

What is TrackTik and why is it important to security operations?

TrackTik is a software program designed to advance management, regulate operations, and concentrate data in its integrated systems. Its flexible software can easily be adapted, configured, and personalized to fulfill the needs of each business’ requirement in a safe and secure manner.

TrackTiks software incorporates various features and functions which connect field personnel to management and clients via guard management tools. It also provides ARC management and its security professionals with a more effective avenue to communicate and dispatch post orders.

How do you access TrackTik?

TrackTik is accessible by those authorized through the web-portal and by downloading its application onto a Smartphone or a vehicle’s computer system. Every ARC security professional has the application downloaded on their mobile and every vehicle in the ARC’s fleet has GPs tracking enabled through TrackTik. The program facilitates GPS tracking of guards and vehicles, electronic submission of reports every 20 minutes, the accessibility of data reports in real-time by clients and ARC, and automated notifications of guards in out-of-zone locations or in distress.

How is TrackTik valuable and advantageous?

  1. The Client can access the account through an assigned mobile or web-portal at any time, where they can view the interactive map outlining the officer’s patrolled area and read all historical reports.
  2. Clients can configure their notification preferences by selecting to receive daily, weekly, or monthly report summaries of guard reporting via e-mailed reports or text message notifications. In addition, clients are able to select which incident categories or levels they wish to receive notifications for; for example, maintenance issues, major incidents, or suspicious activity.
  3. Reporting templates will be developed in conjunction with each client for site-specific requirements ensuring all vital information are recorded by the ARC Security Professional on shift.
  4. The automated system dispatches notifications to the Client and ARC management when reports are generated. This allows the ARC team to monitor and dispatch staff or responders in real-time.
  5. ARC security professionals are able to capture video footage and photos which can be used in cases of suspicious activity or person(s) and to rapidly distribute notifications to fellow security guards at the site, ARC management, and Clients.
  6. This software allows ARC’s management and supervisory team to establish and manage vehicle patrols in accordance with client schedules and site requirements.

Is TrackTik secure?

Tracktik complies with the Service Organize Control (SOC2) requirements in order to ensure the protection of databases using cloud-computing infrastructures. TrackTik follows strict security policies and procedures to detect threats upon the cloud, mitigate its impact, and implement corrective measures in order to prevent similar events from re-surfacing. Additionally, TrackTik conducts regular vulnerability and penetration testing ensuring its software’s security. Its protocols defend against unauthorized access to data, whether it is file transfer activities, login, or exposure of data, and will take the appropriate corrective actions in time to prevent the compromise of your critical data. Detailed audit trails give insight into unauthorized modifications of data and configurations, the breadth of the attack impact, and the point of source.

What are some of Tracktiks key functions?

Live Dashboard and Guard Toolbox

The ‘Live Dashboard’ centralizes and displays all information pertinent to the client as well as the information necessary in the case of an emergency.

The ‘Guard Toolbox’ includes video backup (watch mode) for full documentation of situations, latest post orders at the guard’s fingerprints to support accurate interventions, lone-worker safety to reassure the guard working on their own that backup is only one click away, and a live message board to push important communications immediately across multiple units.

Reporting and Video Footage

Report templates are co-created and customized with our clients for site-specific requirements; as a result, it is more time efficient, eliminates the use of paper, and the risk of losing reports. Its mandatory fields ensure all vital information is recorded by choosing the interactive fields wanted in each report. Choices of interactive fields are photos, signatures, per-filled drop down menus, diagrams, priority levels, and more. Guards are able to submit reports electronically by using the user-friendly report builder and classify each report based on the appropriate incident category and levels. Clients will always receive daily and weekly report summaries to maintain informed of daily activities and incidents as well as the ability to view historical reports.

Tracking & GPS

With preset Geo-fences, alerts are sent when staff enters a specific area or if they leave the client site. After an incident or in the case of a performance review, ARC is able to recreate an officer’s itinerary with the easily accessible historical GPS data for audit, legal, or investigation purposes. Guards operations are shown on an interactive aerial view map with detailed field activities sorted by date, time, and GPS history. Dynamic tracking limits liability and exposure by monitoring movement. Trends in guard behavior can be identified and used during employee review which provides accurate field staff supervision.

Trends and Analytic

TrackTik optimizes management and operational effectiveness by allowing you to create custom maps, charts, and diagrams for visualization. Readers are able to identify incidents and predict trends to better mitigate and manage risk. These reports are available in print, e-mail, or the web.

Dispatch, Post Orders, and Message Board

To enhance communication, efficiency, and productivity, the dispatch, post orders, and message board functions allow you to assign tasks to an individual or a group with site-specific instructions by job type. Dispatchers are able to notify status warnings, reassign jobs quickly to ensure SLAs are met, and simplify guard training with the easy-to-use mobile application. Post orders and the message board ensure guards are aware of important incidents, messages, and are updated on security instructions.

In addition, the panic button sends notifications to the emergency number(s) selected for each site and includes the GPS coordinates of the cellular device, employee name, and phone number. Dispatching allows you to alarm response calls and emergency responses to ensure the safety and security of the employees with the panic button is initiated.

Arc Protection Corp

“ISN allows us to keep a secondary track of employee information, licenses, and certificates with up-to-date notifications on expirations, reducing time spent on administrative processes.”

Joel Pouliot, Director of Operations ARC Protection Corp