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At ARC Protection Corp. we understand that a security system is only as good as its most vulnerable point. We take an integrated approach to deliver technologically advanced security solutions while helping our clients reduce costs, minimize risk, and optimize protection where required.

ARC’s partnership with ILPS, has allowed us to provide technologically advanced security services for a full, on-site security survey of your premises. This allows us to assess our client’s specific requirements in terms of risk exposure and security legislation or regulation requirements in your region. We will then design a system specific to your needs that uses the latest products and security technology.

We always attain the highest level of accreditation with our technology partner, ensuring an in-depth product knowledge which better supports the integration requests from our clients.

Here’s a quick summary of some of the considerations we make in our selecting technology equipment:

  • Physical connectivity
  • Software integration tools
  • Feature transparency through system interfaces
  • Manufacturer support of industry/open standards
  • Manufacturer approach to firmware/hardware/software modifications, notifications and release
  • Product life cycle services, particularly considering its end-of-life
Arc Protection Corp

“ISN allows us to keep a secondary track of employee information, licenses, and certificates with up-to-date notifications on expirations, reducing time spent on administrative processes.”

Joel Pouliot, Director of Operations ARC Protection Corp