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K-9 Explosives Detection

K-9 Explosives Detection


ARC’s explosive detection dogs are specially trained in the detection of different types of explosives, such as smokeless powder, black powder, commercial and military dynamite, ammonium nitrate, primer sheet (Flex-X), semtex A & H, detonator cord, TNT, ANFO, C-4, safety fuse, and slurry.

All dogs and their handlers are certified and regularly validated by the proper authorities to ensure that they are properly trained in all types of situations. All teams participate in on-going internal training to ensure maximum effectiveness.

These dogs can be effectively used in all types of conditions and environments, and are extensively trained to handle all sorts of unpredictable situations. The search dogs can also operate in buildings like apartments and warehouses, as well as search baggage, vehicles, commercial trucks, cruise ships and passenger ferries, trains, open areas and camps.

These dogs can be used in crowded places as they are specially trained to give passive alarms and signals if they detect anything amiss. This system is very efficient as active alarms may cause panic and further aggravate the situation.

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