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K-9 Patrol Services

ARC K9 patrol and detection dogs, under the direction of their trained handlers, provide the most effective deterrent to crime.

K9 Security Patrol and Detection teams can be especially effective for alarm response situations, interior and exterior of storage and manufacturing facilities, corporate compounds, construction sites, and other areas where there is a high potential for crime.

Our security dogs enhance the capabilities of our uniformed security personnel and help deter crimes before they happen. All of our K9 security dogs have been trained and validated to search and detect human scent and many have further specializations in narcotic and explosives detection. This allows them to have a greater capability to find their targets, often from a great distance away.

K-9 Patrol Services Vancouver, Edmonton, CalgaryOver the years, our K9 security dogs have found several potential trespassers hiding in or around bushes, vehicles, garbage bins, and fence lines at special events. Moreover, our K9 Security Teams have been able to find individuals in need of emergency or medical assistance, whether they are unconscious or suspected of substance abuse.

Our K9 Patrol Division consists of multiple guard dog and handler teams. Each security guard dog is assigned to one handler, and lives, trains and validates to the government required standard with that security dog handler. Our dogs are not teamed with and handled by more than one handler, this ensures the dog and handler maintain a strong bond which is necessary in order to be a successful K9 team.

Our security patrol dogs always work on leash maximizing the control the handler has in all situations. Our canine patrol dog handlers are equipped with audio and video recording devices which detail the teams’ interactions with the public. This real-time recording of events can be used to protect the team and our clients by providing time and date stamped audio and video evidence.

K9 patrol and detection dogs

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