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Guard Services



ARC offers licensed premiere security guard services across British Columbia and Alberta.

The uniformed Security Guard Division of ARC provides experienced and trained security officers who are competent to work in a wide range of situations and locations in various environmental conditions. ARC’s tactical staffing model means we determine a specific set of skills and attributes needed by each security employee in order to meet the distinctive needs of each client.

Our Security Guards responsibility is not only to be a visible crime deterrent to protect our client’s physical assets and their employees, but also to be a professional ambassador and representative for our client. We choose our security guards for their ability to deliver a high level crime prevention service, and their ability to communicate and make good decisions during times of crisis.

Our Security guards are provided with a live 24/7 reporting software on their Smartphone’s which allows ARC’s management and each client to verify all patrols and duties are being performed as required throughout each shift. This software also allows our security personnel to electronically report safety and security events, suspicious or concerning interactions, and security post check-ins to our management team and our clients as they occur in real time with GPS mapping. The software can also be set up for each individual client to access the security guard’s site reports 24/7, giving the client the peace of mind that all the contracted security duties are being performed, as promised.

Arc Protection Corp

“ISN allows us to keep a secondary track of employee information, licenses, and certificates with up-to-date notifications on expirations, reducing time spent on administrative processes.”

Joel Pouliot, Director of Operations ARC Protection Corp