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The Team

Scot Filer


Scot Filer

Scot retired from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 2008 after a thirty-year career. He spent twenty-six of his thirty years in Major Crime Investigations in British Columbia, the last eleven years were in the highly specialized area of Behavioural Sciences. Scot concluded his policing career at the rank of Staff Sergeant in charge of operations and investigations for the Behavioural Sciences Group.  His many qualifications include law-enforcement certifications in geographic profiling, threat evaluation and management, tactical human tracking, surveillance, and executive protection.

Scot is also the Chief Executive Officer of Lions Gate Risk Management Group and has experience building collaborative partnerships and working relationships between the law-enforcement community, private sector companies, and the academic community.

Doug Maynard


Doug Maynard

Mr. Maynard has extensive experience in Policing at local, Provincial, National and International levels. With thirty two years of experience across all business lines in policing he was exposed to a multitude of situations and environments. At the time of his recent retirement from the RCMP, he was the Superintendent In Charge of all Tactical Assets in the Province of British Columbia, including Emergency Response, Public Order, Dive Teams, Negotiators, and Bomb Disposal.

Mr. Maynard is also the President of the National Network group that Trains and Accredits all Critical Incident Commanders for all Police agencies in Canada, referred to as ACCIC or Association of Canadian Critical Incident Commanders. Recent experience has taken him Internationally as an expert in Command and Control models utilized in other countries such as the United Kingdom, The United States, France, The Netherlands, Germany and Australia. Mr. Maynard’s teaching experience involves the Canadian Police College, and the Justice Institute of British Columbia as an instructor of Critical Incident Command, Critical Incident Management, Incident Command Systems, Gold Silver Bronze, Initial Critical Incident response and many other Tactical courses. He developed a series of exercises designed to develop and affirm the response mechanism to a terrorist attack across multiple locations for not only police, but government and other related agencies. This resulted in policy change and the adoption of Gold/Silver/Bronze as the method of Crisis Management.

Mr. Maynard was also one of the main architects of the RCMPs response to “Resource based, Culturally sensitive Protests” Given this experience he is well placed with ARC Protection Corp to assist with a partner response hand in hand with Law Enforcement and  contracted parties in relation to lawful and unlawful protest activities as it relates to major projects or resource based infrastructure.​

Rick Moss

Vice President of Finance

Rick Moss

After twenty-five years with the institutional investment management divisions of RBC Royal Bank and UBS AG, one of Europe’s largest banks, Rick shifted careers and joined a start-up security risk management and investigations firm in 2008 to oversee administrative and financial operations.

Rick is currently a partner and the Chief Financial Officer of Lions Gate Risk Management Group Ltd. as well as serving as Vice President Finance for ARC Protection Corp.


Principal/ COO


Rob’s security industry qualifications since 1987 include a military background (Canadian Navy), five  years as a peace officer (Victoria, BC and North Vancouver, BC), investigations, security consulting, certified canine (K9) patrol handler and validated k-9 detection handler, canine (K9) trainer (since 1987), executive protection agent, security project management, labour dispute and special event security management.

Rob is a hands-onsecurity business professional with experience in procurement of new business through relationship building, the bid process, contract negotiation, and comprehensive planning and development for the implementation of service. Rob excels in the development of a performance-based security company with best practice policies, contract specifications, and the oversight of operations to satisfy personal goals and exceed client expectations. Rob continues to focus on personal and professional development, with a high-energy perseverance which continues to raise the bar for service excellence within the security industry.

With many years of guard-force supervision and canine (K-9) services experience within Canada and the United States, and with his great interpersonal skills, Rob has developed a strong ability to build relationships; to influence, motivate, and lead the employees of ARC (Assured Risk Control) Protection Corp in the canine and security guard divisions; and to adapt to clients’ requirements, and the canine program’s ever changing needs in the field. These capabilities are second to none when it comes to getting the job done. Through ARC’s commitment to excellence in the security and K9 Industry, Rob has exceed industry standards in training to ensure that Arc’s K9 Teams achieve annual validation in protection and detection (Narcotics and Explosives).

Currently Rob oversees ARC Protection Corp’s guard-force operations and canine services company-wide within such diverse facilities as rail yards, bus stations, property management companies, and educational institutions, plus commercial, industrial and residential locations. He continues to supervise the balanced growth and expansion of ARC Protection Corp in Vancouver, BC and surrounding areas, and also in Alberta.

Joel Pouliot

Director of Operations

Joel Pouliot

Joel has been working in the private security industry since early 2004. He acquired his knowledge and experience while working internationally for large security organizations as well as owning and operating a security company. Joel’s overseas security experience included contract missions and embassy contracts, where he was the administrative specialist working under tremendous pressure to meet a variety of required and emergency deadlines. Locally, Joel’s security experience has included the commercial, retail, residential. and entertainment sectors.

Joel’s responsibilities within ARC include overseeing security staffing requirements and logistical support for clients and ongoing operations.

Joel is also a validated K9 Patrol & Protection team member available to respond to alarm calls and to support security officers and clients in the field as the need arises.

Patrick Lockert

Canine Unit Master Trainer

Patrick Lockert

Pat is a retired RCMP officer who dedicated 36 years to the service; in twenty-three of those years he worked in the Police Dog Service. He is proven to be a motivated frontline officer and a proficient and responsible leader. Pat has extensive experience in K9 training and working with police dogs.

Pat was the Program Manager for the Police Dog Service where he monitored and reviewed 83 police dog handlers to ensure compliance with policies and standards. He has validated approximately 50 civilian dog handlers with the BC Search Dog Association and the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association.

Formerly, Pat was Commander of the largest RCMP Police Dog Service unit in Canada, where he supervised 48 dog handlers. He has experience developing training programs for quarries to implement in the successful raising of a police dog. Furthermore, he organized helicopter deployment training for all dog handlers for Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Gamesc Security Planning.

Currently, Pat is a K9 Division Consultant for ARC where he is responsible for training all canines and their handlers who are specialized in protection/patrol, or detection of narcotics or explosives.

Arc Protection Corp

“ISN allows us to keep a secondary track of employee information, licenses, and certificates with up-to-date notifications on expirations, reducing time spent on administrative processes.”

Joel Pouliot, Director of Operations ARC Protection Corp